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Always a great choice to relax and have a conversation over a good meal

This is one place I often go both with familiy or with business partners; quality is always at top level, excelent service, same waiters for years… while it is primary a pasta restaurant (from the point of view of my son at least that loves the food here), the other dishes are well cooked and presented on the plate; quite small and friendly, a cosy place where you can also enjoy your conversation; I am never dissapointed… expect though an average of 50eur/pax including wine.

September 12, 2015

Incredible service, delicios food

We had an amazing time in that restaurant, the food was extremely delicios, the service very professional and they are making the best Lemonade I’ve ever tried. Definitely if you want to have a good quality food and relaxing atmosphere this is your place.

September 1, 2015

Great sea food, good pasta

The restaurant is rather expensive for Bucharest. However the service was impeccable, the sea food fantastic as well as the deserts. On the down side the bruschetta bread was anemic. The pasta was fresh, good quality and al dentente but slightly ‘overdressed’. Some great wines one the menu. But some are well bellow the restaurant’s level. Good experience overall.

July 10, 2015

A bit of posh Italian in Bucharest

I had my hopes up for a bit more of a traditional meal for my first dinner in Bucharest, but my colleagues raved about Osteria Gioia so I joined them there for a work team dinner.
It’s a very nice restaurant on the inside, but felt like I could have been in any Italian restaurant anywhere in the world (outside of Italy).
We ordered parmesan focaccia and a Romanian red wine as a starter…anything oven-baked with parmesan should be good, but I would definitely recommend this one! And I’d never given much thought to Romanian red wines before, but the one we chose was quite good with the meal. I ventured away from the pasta and stake for a chicken breast rolled around spinach and mozzarella with a plum sauce and triple-cooked fries. It was a great choice and I ate everything on my plate along with more wine.
We ran out of room before dessert so I can’t report back on that. I’d come here for the food, but the service was pretty average and the three tables of smokers around us dampened my tranquil post-dinner feelings a slight bit.

May 30, 2015

Well worth the price

We chose this restaurant to celebrate an important company event and it turned out wonderful. Slightly formal atmosphere, just perfect for a special event like this, although it does not necessarily have to be business – I can very well see a cozy dinner being very appropriate here. The food was delicious – I loved the appetisers, especially the vitello tonato and capers, for the main coarse I had trofiette with pancetta, wild porcini and truffle cream – the portions are quite generous, and for desert I would definetly reccomend the mascarpone mousse with Baccardi and fruit ^-^ mmm… The wine was very good and the service was friendly and professional. We stayed until late because we were having an excellent time and would definetly come back again. Go ahead and try it, you are bound to like it !!!

May 22, 2015

Another nice Italian

Bucharest is full of Italian restaurants, some very good, this was the case, great food and good service, the only remark in this town is being a smoking Restaurante you get the smoke on you clothes, not enough extraction. Common in Bucharest but a thing that don’t smokers do not enjoy.

February 3, 2015

Excelent food!

I visited the restaurant with my wife on a sunday afternoon. We had tuna tartar, a mix of cold cuts and cheese and two kinds of pasta for main course. I tell you this: the food is just amazing, it’s a culinary orgasm. Service is very good too. Sadly the food is the only italian experience you get in here. The design is that of a 2007 posh coffee shop and the music was a mix of Buddha Bar compilation and reggae, perfect for an ocean front lounge but not for a midtown italian restaurant. But if you’re looking for delicious italian food, this is definetely a place to come.

January 18, 2015

Nice atmosphere

Being there with my girlfriend several times, last time on a Friday evening. The atmosphere was cozy, almost intimate, even than almost all tables were occupied . The food was good, as every time (beef steak with pepper sauce and a salad with smoked salmon and radichio ). The waiter was nice and his recommendations were very appropriate. We finished with some lemon tart, delicious, as I was told 😉

October 17, 2014

Fantastic Italian in Bucharest

Try the Salmon in tarragon sauce. It is melt in your mouth good. The location is great and the decor is modern and artsy. The staff is always wonderful and everyone we’ve gone here with has loved their dishes and the experience.

August 18, 2014

Pleasant italian restaurant

Expectation level when dining in Bucharest is unfortunately quite low, so Osteria Giola was a very good surprise: a nice traditional italian restaurant, with simple and good meals made of quality products – delicious burrata straight from south of Italy and equally good vitello tonnato, followed by some classic pasta and grilled fish. All was delicious, normal in italy and well above average in Bucharest, hence good rating. Even the wine list, with a good mix of local and italian wines made.

March 17, 2014

One of my best meals ever!

Osteria Gioia is an amazing restaurant! First of all, the location is really good. The restaurant itself is very cosy and induces a familiarity feeling. The best part is the food, which is truly amazing and by that I mean very tasty! It’s pretty obvious that they only use high quality ingredients. I definitely recommend this restaurant! The only downfall is the lack of parking spaces, but with a bit of luck you can find a parking space somewhere near the restaurant.

March 11, 2014

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