• Chicken breast infused with butter, fresh herbs and light lemon sauce, 250 gr.
    35 lei 
  • Turkey breast rolls stuffed with asparagus lacquered with Dijon and saffron cream potatoes, 250 gr.
    36 lei
  • Veal chop alla Milanese, 280 gr.
    43 lei
  • French duck breast, glazed pear in red wine sauce, cinnamon and star anise, 275 gr.
    56 lei
  • New Zealands lamb chops with anchovies and thyme sauce, 250 gr.
    59 lei
  • Beef fillet medallions alla tagliata, 250 gr.
    85 lei 
  • Beef fillet, grilled or pan fried, with gorgonzola or porcini mushrooms or green pepper sauce, 250 gr.
    94 lei
  • Grilled Argentinian rib-eye steak, 300 gr.
    98 lei

*check details with the waiter.
Our products may contain the following allergens: milk protein, soy, walnuts, almonds, peanuts, pistachios, gluten.
Prices include VAT.